So there has been some major developments within our family since the last post on World Cancer Day – all of which have been amazing! First off, Jacky turned the big 4, and even crazier – big brother E turned 9! We celebrated with a long awaited birthday trip to Legoland (was supposed to happen 2 years ago for big bro – then the bane of cancer had to hit little bro). The over-do extravagaza was preceded by an incredible camping excursion on the beach, complete with immediate stairs to the beach, a magical/natural tree fort on site for the boys, and beautiful new friends to match. Needless to say, the trip was awesome – bringing us all even closer together (and that has nothing to do with the fact that I mistakenly brought the smaller of our tents).

It was an incredible gift to spend that time together, and it only reinforced the fact that we need to live now – for our kids – for our spouses – for our family.

Please love and cherish every second.

Let’s do this!

Also, we are supporting a local Arizona company called Paper Clouds Apparel (shirts of which you can see in our photo). Amazing company which not only showcases the creative minds and artistic abilities of those with special needs in the designs they produce, but also employs them to fold and package the finished product. Please check them out – truly awesome!

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