CT SCAN #7 – Clear!

CT SCAN #7 – Clear!


So we were blessed again last week with the greatest news to date: all clear, including all labs (blood work, platelets, etc)! Along with that, Jackson did something incredible: his first CT scan awake – NO ANESTHESIA! Our Jacky-Boy is growing up! While that may not seem like much to some, it was something for us that was a huge milestone, as he has had to “go under” more times at the age of four than most of us will have to do in the entirety of our lifetimes.

All of your continuing love, prayers, and support mean the world to us. Please keep it coming, especially for all those out there whose fight continues (or have lost) on a more vicious field than ours – which are far too many.

Let’s do this!

PS: Jack’s shirt is from Paper Clouds Apparel. Please check them out – you’ll be blown away by awesomeness!

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